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Okanagan Starlink Rentals

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Try before you buy

Does your internet provider suck but you aren’t sure if Starlink is going to work at your location or be any better than what you have? Now you can try it for a few days or a week and make sure it will work on your property and is as great as everyone says.

What We Offer

Short term rentals

Not sure if Starlink is right for you , try before you buy.

Special Events

Emergency / Remote Work Sites

Doing work out of cell phone coverage and need reliable internet and wifi calling for your cell phones? This is your solution.

What does it cost?

3 day rental minimum - $30 per day with a $400 fully refundable deposit

Weekly Rentals (7 days) - $149 with a $400 fully refundable deposit

Monthly Rentals - $395.00 with a $400 fully refundable deposit

We deliver in the Okanagan area and setup. All we need from you is a 110V power outlet and a clear view of the sky. We provide wifi devices that can be placed in your home to ensure great coverage.

We will also help you determine the best placement and provide stats on how well it’s working.

Why us?

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We come to you and all you need to provide is 110v power and a clear view of the sky

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We monitor the connection remotely and can quickly diagnose any issues

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We do it all , you just have to connect your devices to our provided wifi that's it

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the speed? Between 150-230Mbps Down / 20-30Mbps Up

What’s the latency? - usually around 23-50ms (yes it works great for video calling and FPS games)

What bandwidth limits are there? None it’s unlimited

How do I connect? We provide a mesh wifi system that will cover an entire home and also provides for ethernet plug ins for some devices that can’t use wifi

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Talk To Us

Feel free to call, email, or hit us up on our social media accounts.





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